One Piece #69

    One Piece » One Piece #69 - SAD released by Shueisha on March 9, 2013.

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    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 679. The Spirit of G-5 (心意気G-5 Kokoroiki Jī-Faibu)
    • Chapter 680. Marine G-5 Base Leader: Demon Bamboo Vergo (海軍 G-5 基地長 鬼竹のヴェルゴ Kaigun Jī-Faibu Kichichō: Kichiku no Verugo)
    • Chapter 681. Luffy vs. Master (ルフィvs.M Rufi Bāsasu Masutā)
    • Chapter 682. Mastermind (黒幕 Kuromaku)
    • Chapter 683. An Icy Woman (氷の様な女 Kōri no yō na On'na)
    • Chapter 684. Stop It, Vegapunk (やめるんだベガパンク Yamerunda Begapanku)
    • Chapter 685. My Name is Momonosuke!! (モモの助、せっしゃの名にござる!! Momonosuke, Sessha no Na ni Gozaru!!)
    • Chapter 686. The Snow Woman in the Biscuits Room (ビスケットルームの雪女 Bisuketto Rūmu no Yuki-Onna)
    • Chapter 687. Wild Animal (猛獣 Mōjū)
    • Chapter 688. Mocha (モチャ Mocha)
    • Chapter 689. A Seemingly Non-Existent Island (ない様である島 Nai Yō de Aru Shima)
    • Chapter 690. SAD (SAD Esu-Ē-Dī)

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