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Pirate Alliance

As the adventures continue on Punk Hazard, Luffy decides to strike up an alliance with Trafalgar Law. But can he convince the rest of the Straw Hats to go along with it? And will this new team be formidable enough to take down Caesar Clown?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 668: Pirate Alliance
  • Chapter 669: Commence Operation
  • Chapter 670: Blizzard With A Chance of Slime
  • Chapter 671: Gas-Gas Fruit
  • Chapter 672: My Name Is Kin'emon!!
  • Chapter 673: Vergo and Joker
  • Chapter 674: The Observers
  • Chapter 675: I Call It Land of the Dead
  • Chapter 676: The Perfect Weapon
  • Chapter 677: Counter Hazard!!
  • Chapter 678: Lobby of Laboratory Building A

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