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Proper Japanese Title: Taiyō e to Tsuzuku Michi (タイヨウへと続く道)

Story Titles

  • Chapter 647: "Stop, Noah!" (止まれノア, Tomare Noa)
  • Chapter 648: "The Path Towards the Sun" (タイヨウへと続く道, Taiyō e to Tsuzuku Michi)
  • Chapter 649: "Dance of Sea Breams and Flounders" (タイやヒラメの舞い踊り, Tai ya Hirame no Maiodori)
  • Chapter 650: "Two Changes You Need to Know" (知っておくべき2つの変化, Shitteokubeki Futatsu no Henka)
  • Chapter 651: "The Voice From the New World" (新世界からの声, Shin Sekai kara no Koe)
  • Chapter 652: "Grim Premonitions" (前途多難の予感, Zento Tanan no Yokan)
  • Chapter 653: "The Hero's Hat" (ヒーローの帽子, Hīrō no Bōshi)
  • Chapter 654: "Gam" (小群, Shōgun)
  • Chapter 655: "Punk Hazard" (パンクハザード, Panku Hazādo)
  • Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island" (燃える島の冒険, Moeru Shima no Bōken)

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