One Piece #64

    One Piece » One Piece #64 - 100,000 vs. 10 released by Shueisha on November 9, 2011.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Jūman Bāsasu Jū (10万vs.10)

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 627. You Have My Gratitude (かたじけない, Katajikenai)
    • Chapter 628. Major Cleanup (大掃除, Ōsōji)
    • Chapter 629. The Former Shichibukai Who Stands in the Way (立ち塞がる元七武海, Tachifusagaru Moto Shichibukai)
    • Chapter 630. Lashing Out (暴れ出す, Abaredasu)
    • Chapter 631. Gyoncorde Plaza (ギョンコルド広場, Gyonkorudo Hiroba)
    • Chapter 632. I Knew it All Along (知ってた, Shitteta)
    • Chapter 633. Friend or Foe (敵か味方か, Teki ka Mikata ka)
    • Chapter 634. 100,000 vs 10 (10万VS10, Juuman vs Juu)
    • Chapter 635. So Disgusting It Makes Me Fly (空を飛ぶ程悍ましい, Sora O Tobu Hodo Ozamashī)
    • Chapter 636. The General From the Future Land (未来王国から来た将軍, Mirai Ōkoku kara kita Shōgun)
    • Chapter 637. The Ancient Ark (古の方舟, Inishie no Hakobune)

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