One Piece #60

    One Piece » One Piece #60 - My Brother released by Shueisha on November 9, 2010.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Otōto yo (弟よ)

    After Sabo was killed by a Celestial Dragon for being "human garbage", Luffy and Ace vowed to always look out for each other. With Ace now dead, Luffy believes he has nothing to live for. When he remembers that he still has his crew, Luffy makes plans to go back to the archipelago where they were last together. The other Straw Hats, having been sent to different parts of the world by Kuma, quickly learn of this and find hidden meaning in Luffy's return.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 585. Brothers' Sake Cups (兄弟盃, Kyōdai Sakazuki)
    • Chapter 586. A Fetid Town (悪臭のする町, Akushū no Suru Machi)
    • Chapter 587. I Will Not Run! (おれは、逃げない, Ore wa Nigenai)
    • Chapter 588. Sabo's Ocean (サボの海, Sabo no Umi)
    • Chapter 589. Efforts Toward Glory (風雲の志, Fūun no Kokorozashi)
    • Chapter 590. My Little Brother (弟よ, Otōto yo)
    • Chapter 591. You Sure That's Alright? (それでいいのか, Sore de Iinoka)
    • Chapter 592. Yell (エール, Ēru)
    • Chapter 593. News (NEWS, Nyūsu)
    • Chapter 594. Message (メッセージ, Messēji)

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