One Piece #56

    One Piece » One Piece #56 - Thank You released by Viz on February 2011.

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    Thank You

    With Ivankov's help, Luffy now struggles to make his way back out of Impel Down in order to prevent the execution of his brother Ace. All the prisoners will have to work together if they ever hope to get past the dangerous Warden Magellan. But will an earth-shattering proclamation by the World Government turn everything upside down?

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 542: Yet Another Epic Incident
    • Chapter 543: Straw Hat and Blackbeard
    • Chapter 544: The Lid to the Cauldron of Hell Opens
    • Chapter 545: To Sunshine and Freedom
    • Chapter 546: Fish-man Pirate Captain Jimbei, Warlord of the Sea
    • Chapter 547: Island Ripper
    • Chapter 548: Thank You
    • Chapter 549: Battleship
    • Chapter 550: Navy Headquarters
    • Chapter 551: Whiteboard of the Four Emperors

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