One Piece #56

    One Piece » One Piece #56 - Thank You released by Shueisha on December 9, 2009.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Arigatō (ありがとう)

    The escaped prisoners make way for Impel Down's exit, dealing with the prison guards that try to stop them. When Magellan begins to thin their numbers, Blackbeard arrives to assist Luffy by holding him off. Even though he wants to take revenge on Blackbeard for Ace's capture, Luffy escapes with the other inmates. They procure a boat and set sail for Marine headquarters, Bon Clay staying behind to grant them passage. Meanwhile, with Ace's execution imminent, the reason for his death is given: it is not because he is a leading member of Whitebeard's pirate crew, but because he is the son of the pirate king Gol D. Roger.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 542. Another Incident to Be Told (やがて語られるもう一つの事件, Yagate katarareru mou hitotsu no jiken)
    • Chapter 543. Straw Hat and Blackbeard (麦わらと黒ひげ, Mugiwara to Kurohige)
    • Chapter 544. Even the Lid of Hell's Cauldron Will Open (地獄の釜の蓋もあく, Jigoku no kama no futa mo aku)
    • Chapter 545. To the Sunshine in Outside World (陽のあたるシャバへ, Hi no ataru shaba e)
    • Chapter 546. Captain of Fishmen Pirates, "Shichibukai" Jimbe (魚人海賊団船長“七武海”ジンベエ, Gyojin kaizoku dan senchō "Shichibukai" Jinbe'e)
    • Chapter 547. Escaping the Island (島破り, Shimayaburi)
    • Chapter 548. Thank You (ありがとう, Arigatō)
    • Chapter 549. Ship Sailing Forth (出撃の艦, Shutsugeki no fune)
    • Chapter 550. Marine Headquarters (海軍本部, Kaigun honbu)
    • Chapter 551. Yonkou "Whitebeard" (四皇"白ひげ", Yonkō "Shirohige")

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