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Proper Japanese Title: Shinchū Osasshisuru (心中お察しする)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 431. Fist of Love (愛の拳, Ai no Kobushi)
  • Chapter 432. Jack in the Box (びっくり箱, Bikkuri Bako)
  • Chapter 433. The Name of that Sea is (その海の名は, Sono Umi no Na wa)
  • Chapter 434. Whitebeard and Redhair (白髭と赤髪, Shirohige to Akagami)
  • Chapter 435. Understanding Your Feelings (心中お察しする, Shinchū Osasshisuru)
  • Chapter 436. Pants from Frankyhouse (Pantsu Furomu Furankīhausu)
  • Chapter 437. Naked But Great (裸百貫, Hadaka Hyakkan)
  • Chapter 438. Pride (プライド, Puraido)
  • Chapter 439. The Third and the Seventh (3人目と7人目, Sanninme to Nananinme)
  • Chapter 440. Fire Fist VS Blackbeard (火拳VS黒ひげ, Hiken vs Kurohige)

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