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Proper Japanese Title: Kaerō (帰ろう)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 420. Buster Call (バスターコール, Basutā Kōru)
  • Chapter 421. Gear Third (ギア3, Gia Sādo)
  • Chapter 422. Rob Lucci (ロブ・ルッチ, Robu Rucchi)
  • Chapter 423. Mermaid Legend (人魚伝説, Ningyo Densetsu)
  • Chapter 424. Escape Ship (脱出船, Dasshutsu-sen)
  • Chapter 425. Struggle on the Bridge (死闘の橋, Shitō no Hashi)
  • Chapter 426. A Ship Waiting for Wind (風待ちの船, Kazamachi no Fune)
  • Chapter 427. It's Not Like It's Hell Here (ここが地獄じゃあるめェし, Koko ga Jigoku ja Arumēshi)
  • Chapter 428. Let's Return (帰ろう, Kaerō)
  • Chapter 429. Complete Defeat (完敗, Kanpai)
  • Chapter 430. Falling Snow of Reminiscence (降りそそぐ追想の淡雪, Furisosogu Tsuisō no Awayuki)

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