One Piece #44

    One Piece » One Piece #44 - Let's Go Back released by Viz on May 2010.

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    The battle between Luffy and CP9 agent Rob Lucci escalates while the rest of the crew tries to escape to safety through the Gates of Justice. Suddenly, a fleet of warships sent by the Navy Headquarters arrives on the scene and begins bombarding the island. Will the crew get away before the island is blown to smithereens?!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 420: Buster Call
    • Chapter 421: Gear Three
    • Chapter 422: Rob Lucci
    • Chapter 423: Mermaid Legend
    • Chapter 424: Escape Ship
    • Chapter 425: Bridge of Mortal Combat
    • Chapter 426: A Ship Waiting for Wind
    • Chapter 427: This Isn't the Afterlife
    • Chapter 428: Let's Go Back
    • Chapter 429: Utter Defeat
    • Chapter 430: A Light Snow of Reminiscence Falls

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