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Proper Japanese Title: Kaizoku vs CP9 (海賊 VS CP9)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 400. The Releasing Key (解放の鍵, Kaihō no Kagi)
  • Chapter 401. Pirates VS CP9 (海賊 VS CP9, Kaizoku vs Shī Pī Nain)
  • Chapter 402. No. 2 Handcuffs (2番の手錠, Ni-ban no Tejō)
  • Chapter 403. Mr. Chivalry (Mr.騎士道, Misutā Kishidō)
  • Chapter 404. Franky VS Fukurou (フランキーVSフクロウ, Furankī vs Fukurou)
  • Chapter 405. Power (パワー, Pawā)
  • Chapter 406. Life Return (生命帰還, Seimei Kikan)
  • Chapter 407. Monster (モンスター, Monsutā)
  • Chapter 408. Monster VS Kumadori (怪物VSクマドリ, Monsutā vs Kumadori)
  • Chapter 409. Emergency Bad News Broadcast (凶報緊急大放送, Kyōhō Kinkyū Daihōsō)

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