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Proper Japanese Title: Sensen Fukoku (宣戦布告)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 389. Respond (応答, Ōtō)
  • Chapter 390. Return Fire (応戦, Ōsen)
  • Chapter 391. The Girl Called "Devil" (悪魔と呼ばれた少女, Akuma to Yobareta Shōjo)
  • Chapter 392. Dereshi (デレシ, Dereshi)
  • Chapter 393. Olvia (オルビア, Orubia)
  • Chapter 394. Demons of Ohara (オハラの悪魔達, Ohara no Akuma-tachi)
  • Chapter 395. Ohara VS the World Government (オハラVS世界政府, Ohara vs Sekai Seifu)
  • Chapter 396. Saul (サウロ, Sauro)
  • Chapter 397. In Order to Reach the Future (未来へ届くように, Mirai-e Todoku youni)
  • Chapter 398. Declaration of War (宣戦布告, Sensen Fukoku)
  • Chapter 399. Jump into the Waterfall!! (滝に向かって飛べ!!, Taki ni Mukatte Tobe!!)

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