One Piece #40

    One Piece » One Piece #40 - Gear released by Viz on April 2010.

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    Hankering for a fight, Luffy's got a jump start on the battle to rescue Robin and Franky before they're sentenced by the Navy's court at Enies Lobby. Now that the Straw Hats and the Franky Family have banded together, the World Government is in for an epic battle. But did the Navy deceive Robin into sacrificing herself in order to trap the Straw Hats?!

    The fight on Enies Lobby has finally begun. The Straw Hats are ready to take back Robin, but CP9 still stands in their way. Luckily, Luffy has a new fearsome technique up his sleeve.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 378: Casualties
    • Chapter 379: Power Level
    • Chapter 380: Enies Lobby Main Island Express
    • Chapter 381: Fired
    • Chapter 382: Demon Lair
    • Chapter 383: Luffy vs. Blueno
    • Chapter 384: Signal the Counterattack
    • Chapter 385: There Is a Way
    • Chapter 386: Unprecedented
    • Chapter 387: Gear
    • Chapter 388: Gear Two

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