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Proper Japanese Title: Gia (ギア)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 378. Damage Report (被害状況 "Higai Jōkyō")
  • Chapter 379. Power Level (道力 "Dōriki")
  • Chapter 380. Express to Enies Lobby Main Island (エニエス・ロビー本島行き急行便 "Eniesu Robī Hontō Yuki Ekisupuresu")
  • Chapter 381. Fired (クビ "Kubi")
  • Chapter 382. The Demon's Hideout (鬼の隠れ家 "Oni no Kakurega")
  • Chapter 383. Luffy VS Blueno (ルフィVSブルーノ "Rufi vs Burūno")
  • Chapter 384. Raise the Counterattack Signal (反撃ののろしを上げろ "Hangeki no Noroshi o Agero")
  • Chapter 385. There Is a Way (道はある "Michi wa Aru")
  • Chapter 386. Unprecedented (前代未聞 "Zendai Mimon")
  • Chapter 387. Gear (ギア "Gia")
  • Chapter 388. Gear Second (ギア2 "Gia Sekando")

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