One Piece #3

    One Piece » One Piece #3 - Don't Get Fooled Again released by Shueisha on June 9, 1998.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Itsuwarenu Mono (偽れぬもの)

    Luffy and Buggy clash. During the fight, Buggy tells about his past with Shanks as junior members on a pirate ship. After Buggy is defeated, Nami agrees to temporarily travel with Luffy and Zoro. On the Isle of Strange Animals, they meet Gaimon, a small man with an afro, who is stuck in a treasure chest. Then they reach the island and hometown of the chronic liar Usopp. In search of a ship to replace their two boats, Luffy and company visit the mansion of the rich but sickly and sad young woman Kaya. They are turned away by Kaya's overprotective butler Klahador. Later, Usopp and Luffy overhear a conversation between Klahador, who actually is a notorious pirate, known as Captain Kuro prior to him faking his own death, and his first mate, the hypnotist Django. They plan to raid the village and to kill Kaya, so that Kuro can inherit her wealth and social status

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 18. "The Pirate Buggy the Clown" (海賊「道化のバギー」 "Kaizoku 'Dōke no Bagī'")
    • Chapter 19. "Devil Fruit" (悪魔の実 "Akuma no Mi")
    • Chapter 20. "The Way of the Thief" (泥棒道 "Dorobō-Dō")
    • Chapter 21. "Townies" (町 "Machi")
    • Chapter 22. "Strange Creatures" (あんたが珍獣 "Anata ga Chinjū")
    • Chapter 23. "The Dread Captain Usopp" (キャプテン・ウソップ登場 "Kyaputen Usoppu Tōjō")
    • Chapter 24. "The Lie Rejecter" (偽れぬもの "Itsuwarenu Mono")
    • Chapter 25. "Lies" (ウソ800 "Usoppappyaku")
    • Chapter 26. "Captain Kuro's Plan" (キャプテン・クロの一計 "Kyaputen Kuro no Ikkei")

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