One Piece #18

    One Piece » One Piece #18 - Ace Tōjō released by Shueisha on April 9, 2001.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Ēsu Tōjō (エース登場)

    The Straw Hats at long last reach Alabasta! They make landfall in the port town of Nanohana to enjoy a nice, leisurely meal. At the restaurant known as the Spice Bean they encounter an incredible character that's directly related to one of the crew!

    Meanwhile the Baroque Works' agents are summoned to the Spiders' Cafe for a meeting. Their leader, the dastardly Mr. Zero, aka Sir Crocodile, learns that Luffy has survived and orders his immediate extermination!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 156. Okama Weather (オカマ日和 "Okama Biyori")
    • Chapter 157. Introducing Ace (エース登場 "Ēsu Tōjō")
    • Chapter 158. Arriving in Alabasta (上陸のアラバスタ "Jōriku no Arabasuta")
    • Chapter 159. Come On (来いよ "Koi yo")
    • Chapter 160. Spiders Cafe, 8 o'clock (スパイダーズカフェに8時 "Supaidāzu Kafe ni Hachi-ji")
    • Chapter 161. The Green Town, Erumalu (緑の町エルマル "Midori no Machi Erumaru")
    • Chapter 162. Adventure in the Kingdom of Sand (砂の国の冒険 "Suna no Kuni no Bōken")
    • Chapter 163. Yuba, the Rebel Town (反乱軍の町ユバ "Hanran-Gun no Machi Yuba")
    • Chapter 164. I Love This Country (国が好き "Kuni ga Suki")
    • Chapter 165. Plan: Utopia (作戦名ユートピア "Sakusenmei Yūtopia")
    • Chapter 166. Luffy VS Vivi (ルフィVSビビ "Rufi vs. Bibi")

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