One Piece #17

    One Piece » One Piece #17 - Hiruluk no Sakura released by Shueisha on February 7, 2001.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Hiruruku no Sakura (ヒルルクの桜)

    It's the final showdown with the metallic King Wapol! He wants his castle back and he's not taking "no" for an answer. Well, Luffy, Sanji and their newfound friend Tony Tony Chopper aren't giving up so easily! But our heroes have their hands full - especially with Wapol's ability to modify his body depending on what he eats!

    Meanwhile, down the mountain in Big Horn village the people are devastated as their beloved leader lies in the snow, badly injured. But all is not lost when Wapol's deadly 20 Doctors make an unbelievable announcement!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 146. The Battle of National Defense (国防戦 "Kokubōsen")
    • Chapter 147. Downright Lie (ウソッパチ "Usoppachi")
    • Chapter 148. You Can't Destroy It (折れない "Orenai")
    • Chapter 149. Rumble!!
    • Chapter 150. Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Bliking Cannon (ロイヤルドラムクラウン7連散弾ブリキング大砲 "Roiyaru Doramu Kuraun Nana-ren Shotto Burikingu Kyanon")
    • Chapter 151. Drum Skies (ドラムの空 "Doramu no Sora")
    • Chapter 152. Full Moon (満月 "Mangetsu")
    • Chapter 153. Hiruluk's Sakura (ヒルルクの桜 "Hiruruku no Sakura")
    • Chapter 154. To Alabasta (アラバスタへ "Arabasuta e")
    • Chapter 155. Sir Crocodile the "Pirate" (海賊 サー・クロコダイル "Kaizoku Sā Kurokodairu")

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