One Piece #15

    One Piece » One Piece #15 - Straight Ahead!!! released by Shueisha on September 9, 2000.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Massugu!!! (まっすぐ!!!)

    Nami's sick! Now the Merry Go is without her navigator! Luffy and crew have but one choice: find land and hopefully a doctor. They miraculously stumble upon Drum Island where it is eternally winter, but upon arriving they find out the island has only one doctor - and she's a witch! With Nami's life on the line, Luffy sets out through the snow-laden fields to find this doctor, witch or not!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 127. Den Den Mushi (電伝虫 "Dendenmushi")
    • Chapter 128. Pride (Pirate Flag) (海賊旗 "Hokori")
    • Chapter 129. Straight Ahead!!! (まっすぐ!!! "Massugu!!!")
    • Chapter 130. Maximum Speed (最高速度 "Saikō Sokudo")
    • Chapter 131. Tin Plate Wapol (ブリキのワポル "Buriki no Waporu")
    • Chapter 132. See? (ね "Ne")
    • Chapter 133. Adventure in the Country Without a Name (名もなき国の冒険 "Namonaki Kuni no Bōken")
    • Chapter 134. Dr. Kureha (Dr.くれは "Dr. Kureha")
    • Chapter 135. Lapahn (ラパーン "Rapān")
    • Chapter 136. A Man Called Dalton ( ドルトンという男 "Doruton to Iu Otoko" )

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