One Piece #14

    One Piece » One Piece #14 - Instinct released by Shueisha on July 9, 2000.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Honnō (本能)

    Someone has given Dorry the Giant exploding ale and he's not happy! Assuming it was Luffy and crew, he launches an all-out attack and is soundly defeated by the rubbery power of the Gum Gum Rocket! But a mystery is afoot: if Luffy didn't slip the giant the exploding brew, just who did?

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 118. Someone's Here (誰かいる "Dare ka Iru")
    • Chapter 119. Makeshift (姑息 "Kosoku")
    • Chapter 120. The Red Ogre Cried (赤鬼が泣いた "Aka-Oni ga Naita")
    • Chapter 121. I Knew (わかっていた "Wakatteita")
    • Chapter 122. A Corpse Won't Help (死人は役に立たぬ "Shijin wa Yaku ni Tatanu")
    • Chapter 123. Luffy VS Mr. 3 (ルフィVSMr. 3 "Rufi vs. Mr. 3")
    • Chapter 124. Damn Good Tea (お茶がうめェ "Ocha ga Umē")
    • Chapter 125. Candle Champion (キャンドルチャンピオン "Kyandoru Chanpion")
    • Chapter 126. Instinct (本能 Honnō)

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