One Piece #12

    One Piece » One Piece #12 - The Legend Begins released by Shueisha on February 7, 2000.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Densetsu wa Hajimatta (伝説は始まった)

    Luffy narrowly escapes being executed by his old nemeses Lady Alvida and Buggy the Clown, but now he has the Navy hot on his trail. Leading the hunt is the relentless Captain Smoker, a man who has never let a pirate escape from his jurisdiction!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 100. The Legend Has Begun (伝説は始まった "Densetsu wa Hajimatta")
    • Chapter 101. Reverse Mountain (リヴァースマウンテン "Rivāsu Maunten")
    • Chapter 102. And now, the Grand Line (さて、偉大なる航路 "Sate, Gurando Rain")
    • Chapter 103. Whale (クジラ "Kujira")
    • Chapter 104. Cape Promise (約束の岬 "Yakusoku no Misaki")
    • Chapter 105. Log Pose (記録指針 "Rogu Pōsu")
    • Chapter 106. The Town of Celebration (歓迎の町 "Kangei no Machi")
    • Chapter 107. Moonlight and Gravestones (月光と墓標 "Gekkō to Bihyō")
    • Chapter 108. 100 Bounty Hunters (100人の賞金稼ぎ "Hyakunin no Shōkin Kasegi")

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