One Piece #105

    One Piece » One Piece #105 - Luffy no Yume released by Shueisha on March 8, 2023.

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    Chapter 1056: Cross Guild (CROSS GUILDクロス ギルド Kurosu Girudo)

    Chapter 1057: The End (終幕 Shūmaku)

    Chapter 1058: New Emperor (新皇帝 Shin Kōtei)

    Chapter 1059: The Matter Involving Captain Koby (コビー大佐の一件 Kobī Taisa no Ikken)

    Chapter 1060: Luffy's Dream (ルフィの夢 Rufi no Yume)

    Chapter 1061: Future Island Egghead (未来島エッグへッド Mirai-jima Egguheddo)

    Chapter 1062: Adventure in the Land of Science (科学の国の冒険 Kagaku no Kuni no Bōken)

    Chapter 1063: My Only Family (たった1人の家族 Tatta Hitori no Kazoku)

    Chapter 1064: Egghead Labophase (エッグヘッド研究層ラボフェーズ Egguheddo Rabofēzu)

    Chapter 1065: Six Vegapunks (6人のベガパンク Roku-nin no Begapanku)



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