One More Day

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    As Peter Parker and as Spider-Man, Aunt May has always been there for Peter. In the wake of the decisions made in the Civil War, Aunt May is now dying. What will Peter give up to save his Aunt?

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    What would you do if you only had...

    One More Day

    Peter is stuck between saving the woman who raised him or saving his marriage. Peter went to get help from Iron Man and Dr. Strange but neither of them could help Aunt May to recover from the bullet shot at her meant for Spider-Man.

    Iron Man only attacked Peter trying to catch him because he's a criminal to the U.S. government. When Peter told him that his Aunt May was about die he let him go. Peter left and discovered that Iron Man sent Jarvis to pay any hospital bills in for May and get her better treatment.

    Dr. Strange told him that he would help him only by giving him the power to wonder the planet and try to get help from whoever he wanted. Spidey went to Reed Richards, Hank Pym, Hank McCoy and even to Dr. Doom but none of them helped. Spider-Man then tried using Dr. Strange Mystical Arts, without Strange's consent, to stop the moment when his aunt's shot, but he couldn't. Strange then told him that he could no longer be of help for him.

    Then Mephisto came along. He offered to help his aunt in exchange for his marriage. Peter agreed and then gave up the chance of having a daughter, a daughter that Mephisto showed could´ve been born. The agreement was that he would no longer remember anything about their life together with Mary Jane. Plus MJ made another deal with the devil, which is unknown to the readers, to get him to make the world forget he's Spider-Man. The two were separated giving chance for the beginning of a...Brand New Day

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    Civil War - It is because of the events of the Civil War that Aunt May's life becomes endangered.

    Back In Black - The events that occur between Aunt May's shooting and the events of One More Day.

    Brand New Day - The Storyline that occurs after the events of One More Day.

    The events of One More Day have been refered to a number of times in the last year.

    The first time was in the pages of Spider-Man / Deadpool issue 5, and issue 8 when Peter (while dead for a brief moment) directly remembered the things Mephisto had told him. He even remebered this when he woke up alive once again.

    The second time was in the pages of Silver Surfer Vol.6 issue 6, when Peter punched a creature that had morphed into Mephisto. While punching him, Peter said "I don't know why, but that feld great!".

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