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Peter Parker and Mary Jane's wedding was retconned by Mephisto in One More Day, what happened on that wedding day? A new story arc by Joe Quesada, with art by Paolo Rivera that will run through the oversized issues of "Amazing Spider-Man" #638-641.


The story begins with what Mary Jane whispered to Mephisto, We are told that she said to him that he was to forget about Peter and leave him alone for the rest of his days once the deed was done. Flash forward to present day where Mary Jane visits Peter, She tells him that she wants to be friends even after the way their relationship ended and that they were once going to be married. The story then shifts to the events that took place in Annual 21. Spider-man stops a robbery by Electro and some other men, but this time one of the men that was arrested is left in a squad car when a red bird flies in and unlocks the door giving the man a chance to escape. When Peter gets home he starts to think about whether it is safe for Mary Jane to marry him and worries that she will suffer the same fate as Gwen did. Mary Jane tells him to forget about it and that she is so excited to be getting married. The Guy who was set free by the bird is shown making a deal with an unknown person asking the person to take care of some business for him. We are then shown Peter's bachelor and Mary Jane's bachelorette parties, Peter's is a small party consisting of himself Flash Thomson and Harry Osborn where Peter begins to tell them that he is having doubts about the Wedding. Mary Jane however is having her party in style surrounded by friends along with other men. That night Peter wakes up after having a nightmare about all of his villeins attacking his wedding, this causes him to have more doubt so he decides to go out as Spider-man for a while. While out Peter finds the guy who was released from the squad car causing trouble, but when he intervenes he is hit on the head with a cinder block and when chasing after the guy they fall of the roof and Peter saves the mans life by absorbing the impact of the fall and both men are left unconscious. When Mary Jane arrives at the wedding she finds that Peter isn't there and over hears Flash talking about what Peter said at his bachelor party so she tries to call him, but he doesn't answer and people begin to leave. The man wakes up and kicks a still unconscious Spider-man in the face saying that he will leave him alone since he saved him from the fall and by the time Peter begins to wake up it is already too late. Back at the present day while Peter is off getting himself more tea Mary Jane is shown looking like there is another reason for her visit.

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