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    In this steamy anthology, all the attractive older ladies always gets the man that she wants! Insatiable older sisters “care for” their younger sibling, childhood friends confess their feelings, naughty teachers teach, and a milf remembers the joy of sex. Don't forget to watch out for the new neighbor next door! From older sisters, childhood friends, teachers, and sempais, these stories are sure to show you even older women are not shy about what they want!

    When a sexy older woman offers herself to younger men, can these guys rise to the occasion, or will their age reveal awkward differences? When your peers are not enough, these women know how to handle the object of their affection. For those who like mature, older women, and for women who like younger men, this is sure to please the appetite.


    • Two Is Better Than One! - page 9
    • Before Spring Comes - page 27
    • Sister's Stare - page 51
    • Professor Fukazawa's Counceling(sic) Office - page 73
    • Cool Beauty - page 89
    • Sis x Con - page 113
    • NonFiction - page 135
    • All's Well That Ends Well!! - page 151
    • Milk Shake - page 175
    • Next Door - page 195


    • Steven LeCroy - Translation
    • Dana Bosco - Lettering
    • Julia Fung - Editing
    • Tina Nguyen - Touch Ups
    • Shya Sadeghi-Tabrizi - QC
    • Veronica Parada - DML Project Manager
    • Fred Lui - VP Production
    • Yoko Tanigaki - Sales & Distribution


    • One Kore - Sweet Sister Selection © Yuzuki N' 2010/Akaneshinsha Co., Ltd. Originally published in Japan in 2010 by Akaneshinsha Co., Ltd. English translation rights arranged by Project-H, LLC. All Rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the copyright holders. Any likeness of characters, places, and situations is purely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexually explicit scenes in the publication are at least the age of consent or older. The PROJECT-H logo is © of PROJECT-H.
    • English Edition Published by PROJECT-H 1487 West 178th Street, Ste. 301 Gardena, CA 90248
    • First Edition: November 2015
    • ISBN13: 978-1-62459-248-9
    • ISBN10: 1-62459-247-3
    • 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    • Printed in Canada


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