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    Omoi is a ninja from the Land of Clouds. He is currently on the Ambush Squad and was on Team Samui when they were sent to gather information on Sasuke Uchiha.

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    Ivasion of Pain

    Omoi was first seen after Killer Bee was thought to have been defeated by Sasuke's team. At the time he was aruging with his friend and teammate Karui over why the Raikage was calling them. Omoi believed it was to recieve a punishment for his putting mayo on his fries. Omoi had also gotten into an argument due Samui saying she had back problems, he suggested it was due to her large breast, he had also stated that Karui would not have similar problems due to her lack of breast.

    Five Kage

    Omoi is next shown being told by A, the Raikage, to go to Konoha to gain information on Sasuke due Sauke joining the evil group known as Akatsuki. On his way to Konoha, Omoi again got into an agrument with Karui due to his stating that he would probably find someone that would fall in love with him in Konoha and that when he leaves she will try to kill her self and himself. Due to his pessimistic statement Karui threw a rock at him. Omoi again had a pessimistic response suggesting that her rock would somehow destroy Konoha. When the team of Karui, Samui and Omoi finally reached Konoha they found that it was destroyed this lead Karui to believe that she had actually destroyed it. That were told however by a Konoha ninja that the damage was due to a battle that had recently occurred. Samui goes to gather information leaving the other two ninjas to their own devices and to find another way to gain information. Karui and Omoi then caught Naruto, Sakura, and Sai talking about Sasuke. Karui at sword point ask the three for information. Due to this a small and short battle between takes place, the result being Naruto going with Omoi and Karui. The group then interrogates Naruto, however, Naruto will not give information to the group instead he says they can beat him. Karui decides she will do but Omoi stays back and watches. The beating is later stopped by both Sai and Omoi once he decides that Naruto would never give up a friend and that Naruto was honorable. The duo than left after Samui arrived with the information on Sasuke. Omoi is seen again when the Naruto tries to get the Raikage to undo the order to kill Sasuke. Omoi is seen crying when Killer Bee returns to the Could Village with his new sword.

    Shinobi World War

    Omoi is seen in the Ambush division with its leader being Kankuro. The Ambush division is seen defeating Madara's Ambush division due in large part to Omoi and his lightning style abilties which are used to deactivate Deidara's bombs. He is then seen with Sai attacking Zabuza and his reanimated team.


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