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Quasar was visiting Project Pegasus when he noticed that the place was practically abandoned and all the electricity was out. Quasar helped a worker to the surface and headed down towards the power generators to figure out what was going on. Quasar immediately noticed that the generators and the floor above them had been eaten away by some type of acid. Quasar noticed some type of cocoon in the corner and found a costumed individual named Blue Shield inside. Quasar freed Blue Shield when he was attacked by a gigantic, armored creature that spewed acid from its mouth. The acid even burned through Quasar's energy shield and the creature he called Omnivore started to lap up the corroded metal off the floor like a fly that slobbers up its digestive fluids. Blue Shield informed Quasar that he was the head of security at Project Pegasus and the creature had killed fifteen of his men. During the fight, Quasar asked his cosmic mentor Eon to gather any information on this metallic extra-terrestrial he was up against. Omnivore had Blue Shield in its clutches when Quasar created an energy sword and sliced off the creature's hand. The two heroes were in shock when they saw the hand crawl away and realized it was alive. Quasar placed the hand in an energy bubble when Eon provided important information on their enemy. 
The entity known as Omnivore originated from the planet Battleworld which was created by the Beyonder during the Secret Wars. The planet contained alien technology which Mr Fantastic used to fabricate replacement parts for Iron Man's armor which had been damaged. Iron Man discovered that the replacement parts were dysfunctional when he returned to Earth and left them in a snow bank in upstate New York. Unknown to Iron Man that the reason the alien armor did not function properly because it was an actual living organism. The discarded armored parts had fused into a single ambulatory organism and sought shelter and food a few miles away at Project Pegasus. The organism entered through the ventilation shaft where it had been eating, growing and evolving ever since. 
Quasar was able to defeat the Omnivore when it lured it into the magma tap where Project Pegasus scientists doing thermal research had drilled a hole straight to the Earth's magma layer. Quasar created an energy-aura shield and tackled the Omnivore into the magma pit. Quasar went deeper and deeper towards the magma core until the Omnivore apparently disintegrated from the inferno below. Quasar safely resurfaced but Blue Shield decided to resign because he felt useless from the Omnivore after it had killed some of his men.   


Omnivore was created by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Manley in 1990 and first appeared in Quasar # 8.

Powers & Abilities

The Omnivore was an entity composed of alien technology that evolved into a powerful creature as it devoured and ate anything in its path. The Omnivore spewed a molecular acid that was powerful enough to eat away at various metals and Quasar's energy constructs. The Omnivore possessed superhuman strength and durability.

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