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    The Omnitrix is a watch shaped device that holds hundreds of aliens to be unlocked. In the original show, it contained only 34 aliens. However, in Alien force Ben found out that it contains 1,900,003 aliens. The Omnitrix is currently destroyed, Ben now wields the Ultimatrix.

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    The Omnitrix was created by the wise Galvin named Azmuth. Azmuth created the Omnitrix not for a weapon, but to study other life forms on other planets. Azmuth has over one million nine hundred thousand and three aliens stored in the Omnitrix. He and Ben are the only ones who know how to use the Omnitrix. Five years after the original show, Ben destroyed the Omnitrix so that Vilgax would not use it, He currently uses the Ultimatrix.

    Wield By Ben Tennyson

    While on a camping trip with his Uncle Max and cousin Gwen, Ben seen an object fall from the sky. As he was observing an orb he saw in the crater, it opened to reveal a watch. As soon as he touched it, it permanently clamped onto his wrist. While struggleing with it to get it off, the watch button popped up. He pushed it down and mutated in to his first alien as Heatblast.


    • Fourarms
    • Grey Matter
    • Upgrade
    • Ghostfreak
    • Wildmutt
    • Heatblast
    • Stinkfly
    • Diamondhead
    • XLR8
    • Ripjaws
    • Cannonbolt
    • Wildvine
    • Blitzwolfer
    • Snare-Oh
    • Frankenstrike
    • Upchuck
    • Ditto
    • Way Big
    • Eye Guy
    • Swampfire
    • Echo Echo
    • Spidermonkey
    • Jetray
    • Chromastone
    • Big Chill
    • Brainstorm
    • Humongosaur
    • Goop
    • Alien X
    • Rath
    • Lodestar
    • Nanomech
    • Water Hazard
    • Terraspin
    • NRG
    • Armordrillo
    • Amphibian
    • Fasttrack
    • Clockwork
    • ChamAlien
    • Eatle
    • Jury Rigg
    • Shocksquatch
    • Feedback
    • Bloxx
    • Gravattack
    • Crashhopper
    • Ball Weevil
    • Walkatrout
    • Pesky Dust
    • Molestache
    • The Worst
    • Kickin Hawk
    • Toe Pick
    • Astrodactyl
    • Bullfrag

    Yet to appear/be unlocked

    • Gutrot
    • Whampire
    • Snakepit
    • Atomix
    • Sandbox
    • Shellhead
    • Spitter


    UserWhen it was Put On/Removed
    Ben TennysonIn And Then There Were 10, Ben found the Omnitrix and it put itself on Ben's wrist.
    In Back With a Vengeance, the Omnitrix was removed by Kevin 11. Ben put it back on.
    After the Ben 10 series, Ben removed the Omnitrix offscreen.
    In Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, Ben put the Omnitrix back on.
    In Primus, the Omnitrix removed itself. Ben put it back on.
    In The Final Battle: Part 1, Ben removed the Omnitrix.
    Gwen Tennyson (Alternate Timeline)In the Gwen 10 Timeline, Gwen found the Omnitrix instead of Ben.
    In non-canon Gwen 10, Gwen found and put on the Omnitrix. It came off when Gwen was hit by an electric bolt.
    Max Tennyson (Alternate Timeline)In non-canon Gwen 10, the Omnitrix put itself on Max. He is also the intended user of the Omnitrix.
    AlbedoIn Good Copy Bad Copy, Albedo used a copied Omnitrix.
    In the Vilgax Attacks Timeline, Albedo used a copied Omnitrix.
    AzmuthIn Primus, Azmuth put on the Omnitrix. It was removed by Vilgax.
    VilgaxIn Primus, Vilgax put on the Omnitrix. It was removed by Ben.
    In The Final Battle: Part 1, Vilgax put on the Omnitrix, it is later destroyed.
    Ben 10,000 (Alternate Timeline)In an alternate timeline, Ben found it and it put itself on Ben's wrist.
    Kenny Tennyson (Alternate Timeline)In the same timeline as Ben 10,000, Ben gives a prototype Omnitrix to Ken on his 10th Birthday.


    Mode and PictureInfo
    Active ModeActive Mode is the Omnitrix's default mode.

    Actual usage time is unknown (about 10-20 minutes).

    The Omnitrix seems to time out sooner if it's taxed by activities with a lot of moving, like fighting. However, if regular transformations are tampered with, the user can't always turn back.

    After the Omnitrix recalibrated, the symbols on the aliens were also of the green color, and located on their chests (Dwayne said this was because the Omnitrix was working properly).

    Recharge ModeWhen the Omnitrix times out, it goes into Recharge Mode.

    It takes around 5 minutes to recharge, though it may take more time if tampered with.

    Recharge Mode's main purpose is to keep the Omnitrix from damaging the user.

    The recalibrated Omnitrix times out with no warning, the warning feature was switched off when the Omnitrix recalibrated. In War of the Worlds: Part 2, the Omnitrix had reset, turning the time out warning feature back on.

    The hourglass, when recharging, also flashes red instead of remaining a solid red as it had when the Omnitrix was in its original form.

    In Ben 10: Alien Force The Video Game, when the Omnitrix was out of power, it beeped differently than in the original series.

    In The Secret of Chromastone and on, the Omnitrix flashes green instead of red when signaling a time out.

    The Omnitrix is powered by a special self-renewable power supply that will long outlive Ben.

    The Omnitrix can instantly recharge to protect the user from direct physical threat. This was shown when Ben was stuck to a wall about to be killed by Kevin 11 and when Zs'Skayr tried to possess Ben. Both times, despite just timing out within a minute earlier, the Omnitrix recharges instantly when the user's life is put in direct threat. This feature was switched off after the recalibration.

    If the user is knocked out or hurt enough, the Omnitrix will revert them to their normal form.

    In War of the Worlds: Part 1 when the Omnitrix was repairing the DNAliens' DNA to make them human again, the Omnitrix went into Recharge Mode.

    Scan ModeWhen a new DNA sample has been unlocked from the Codon Stream (it identifies the DNA on Primus, then unlocks that DNA), or when the Omnitrix captures new DNA not present in the Codon Stream. Can also reclaim lost or removed alien DNA that was in the Codon Stream.

    Unlike in the original series, if an alien touches the Omnitrix in Alien Force it will not be scanned because it doesn't work that way after it recalibrated.

    Self-Destruct ModeIn Self-Destruct Mode, the Omnitrix counts down until it explodes.

    When in S.D.M. for a few days, the Omnitrix can charge enough energy to cause an energy ripple that will destroy the entire universe.

    In the original series while the Omnitrix was in S.D.M. it sent out bursts of energy that threw Ben through the air.

    When the S.D.M. is activated, the Omnitrix sends out a signal that any ship can pick up (unless it was activated by Voice Command), such as when Vilgax picked it up with a stolen ship and Tetrax picked up the signal. Likely as a distress signal.

    S.D.M. functions as a last resort should the Omnitrix fall into the wrong hands.

    The S.D.M was used and successfully triggered in The Final Battle: Part 2, it only destroyed the Omnitrix rather than the universe. This is because it only charged for 30 seconds.

    Self-Destruct Mode can be activated by Voice Command.

    Recalibration ModeThe Omnitrix begins to recalibrate whilst selecting a set of new aliens.

    The Omnitrix makes a beep-like noise, then it changes to a glowing black and green and morphs into its new shape.

    According to Dwayne, the Omnitrix has hundreds of different forms (this is to fit different users).

    It is unknown how to activate Recalibration Mode.

    Alien Force

    Omnitrix 2
    Omnitrix 2

    As a 15-year-old boy Ben, gave up his hero job to live a normal life. However, when his grandpa Max was in trouble he decided to wield the omnitrix again. This time it transformed into a new Omnitrix. This time he got a new set of aliens. Ben got Swampfire, Echo Echo, Humungousaur, Jetray, Bigchill, Chromastone, Spider-Monkey, BrainStorm, Goop, and Alien X. Also in Alien Force, Ben destroyed the Omnitrix so that Vilgax would not use it. After defeating Vilgax, he got to wield the Ultimatrix. Which he is currently using now.

    The Official Omnitrix

    It was first mentioned by Azmuth in Map of Infinity. He was planning on giving it to Ben, but it was not complete yet along with Ben's maturity needing to increase before he could use it.

    In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2, Azmuth claimed that he was working on it ever since Ben got the prototype (Specifically six years). In the same episode, he gave it to Ben because he was worthy.

    The new omnitrix unlike the prototype when it was recalibrated it now adapts the clothing of the user.


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