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The nexus of all the gods. 12 billion years ago, in the aftermath of an ancient war between the gods, Omnipotence City was constructed by the Elder Gods as a common safe-haven for all deities, no matter the realm, acting as neutral ground for any immortals in the universe. A place of "divine fellowship".


Omnipotence City was created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, first appearing in The God Butcher, Part One: A World Without Gods.

Major Locations

The Halls of All-Knowing

The Librarian leads Thor
The Librarian leads Thor

An endless library, here is housed the entirety of immortal knowledge and learnings. It is watched over by The Librarian and broken up by subject, such as war, murder, and "the lost", among others.

The Parliament of Pantheons

A governing body with representatives from the various mythological pantheons. Seemingly bogged down by bureaucracy, The Librarian notes, "there's a 200-year waiting list to see the parliament".

Major Story Arcs

The God Butcher

Omnipotence City plays an important role in Jason Aaron's first arc, with Thor journeying to the vast city to make use of the Halls of All-Knowing as he investigates a series of murders committed against the gods. The library is subsequently attacked by Gorr's shadow creatures and set on fire, damaging much of its contents.


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