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Omniguard was an alien race with some sort of shared consciousness. When their spaceship got stranded on Earth they kidnapped and tried to use Tempest as a mystical power source.

Their plans where thwarted by Aquaman.

Later, after their defeat, Tempest provided the energy they required to start their spaceship, and they departed Earth.

Powers & Abilities

The Omniguard could fuse in a single very powerful form or multiple less powerful copies. Omniguard's powers included:

Superhuman Strength: Enough to fight Aquaman and Tempest.

Superhuman Durability: Able to withstand Tempest's energy attacks and Aquaman's harpoon slashing had no effect.

Eye Beams: Omniguard could discharge powerful beams through it's "eyes"

Duplication: Omniguard could separate into different copies, with different powers.

Elasticity: One of the copies could elongate similar to Plastic Man.

Ice Blast: One of the copies could project ice through it's hands.

Telepathy: Omniguard used some sort of mental power to create an illusion and disguise their hiding place.


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