Omega the Unknown #10

    Omega the Unknown » Omega the Unknown #10 - The Hottest Slot In Town! released by Marvel on October 1977.

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    After mourning the death of John Nedley, James-Michael and Dian run away to the mountains of upstate New York.

    James-Starling, Ruth, and Amber attend the funeral of the boy who was hurt in issue 5. He had originally been needlessly beaten up at school. Eventually released, he was once again bullied and this time, he died. Omega is also at the funereal, dressed in the suit he bought with Gramps' money last issue.

    He returns to Gramps and the two of them leave town. They go to Vegas, where they win continuously.

    James-Michael, distressed over the other boy's death, decides to run away with fellow-school-mate Dian. They plan to go to his old home. When his friends find his note, Ruth is worried, but Amber figures he can handle himself.

    Omega flies off into the desert to think. There, he is attacked by the creature Dibbuk. Omega defeats him.

    When they arrive at James-Michael's home, Dian is weirded out at how sterile it seems. James-Michael seems to not notice her distress until they happen upon a closet in which more robots copies of his parents reside!

    Omega and Gramps continue to win in Las Vegas, accumulating $55,000. They seem set, until Ruby Thursday comes in the room and knocks them out. She meets up with Dibbuk and they leave with the money. Omega is concerned, because he wanted the money to help James-Michael leave Hell's Kitchen.

    Omega stops Ruby's car, but she doesn't have the money, and he gets into an altercation with the police.

    The issue, and the series, ends abruptly there, with its cancellation.

    However, although issue 10 was the end of Omega's own series, his story was continued in Defenders issues 75 through 78.



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