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Introducing the story of James-Michael Starling, a shy but intelligent boy with a dark secret! Every night, he is tortured by nightmares of battling an android race in the future! But little does he know that his life is about to change forever…

Omega the Unknown, a mysterious warrior, fights an alien army until he is shot. He screams, as does James-Michael Starling, a twelve-year-old Earth boy, waking from a dream. His parents comfort him, thinking he is anxious about leaving for a new school tomorrow. He has been home-schooled until now, and fears the unknown.

When they drive off to the school, their car is hit by a truck. The car is wrecked, and his parents lie still on the ground--revealed to be robots! Before his mother's body disintegrates, she tells him to not listen to the voices. Starling's mind freaks out as people come to rescue him.

Elsewhere, Omega wakes to find himself shackled. He breaks free and steals a rocket, leaving the planet.

James-Michael wakes up in a hospital, where he has been for a month. The doctor and nurse (Ruth) are surprised by his overly-logical response to hearing about the accident. The doctor is interested in his case (his super-analytic nature, and the fact that there was no blood in the car), and tries to keep him in the hospital. He asks Ruth to befriend him, to keep him around. She also introduces him to her roommate, Amber, who exudes a very hip, and sexual, vibe. In fact, the doctor has arranged to have James-Michael live with them as they continue to study him.

However, that night, one of the aliens that Omega was fighting breaks in to James-Michael's room. It says Starling, the "target," is smaller than expected, but the Omega breaks in and fights the alien. James-Michael seems to partially mentally and emotionally merge with the silent Omega, until James-Michael blasts the alien with energy from his hands. He says he has seen Omega in his dreams. Omega leaves with the dead alien, but the doctor rushes in and seen burns on Starling's hands in the shape of the Greek letter Omega.

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