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My first and only comic as a child was X-Men #4, but for some reason, I have this memory of seeing Omega Red fighting alongside someone almost identical, but Blue. I have a feeling his name was Alpha Blue (of some other greek letter), but since rediscovering comics, and hence, rediscovering Omega Red, I can find no reference what so ever to this mystery ally. Does anyone have any idea where the hell I got this memory from?

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@Danial79: I know they have a character called Epsilon Red whose basically a version of Omega Red designed solely for space exploration so I guess there could be others like him
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i won that comic, so let me go find it.

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@joshmightbe: Just had a look at the character's profile on here, and it's possible that was him. The only title they were in together was Maverick, so I won't know for sure until I can get my hands on that book :)
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 I personally have long suspected a connection between Omega Red and the Soviet operative(and Defenders ally ) Seraph. It seems more than pure coincidence that they are both super powered albinos born in the same country.

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In Xmen #4 there was no partner for Omega Red. In Xmen#5 they teamed him up with Sabertooth to track down Wolverine, after Maverick helped Wolverine escape from the fenris twins, the Hand, and Omega Red. We also first hear/see Birdy and the name Victor Creed for Sabertooth.

Omega Blue i believe is the Age of Apocoylpse version of Omega Red, because he had a blue costume in AoA.

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