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Created when Ultra Magnus wanted to take the Matrix of Leadership for his own. Optimus Prime was forced to combine with his brother. The result of their combination is Omega Prime, a unique individual who combines the best aspects of both Optimus and Magnus but adding a considerable amount of power.

Major Story Arcs

3H Productions Continuity

In the 3H Transformers: Universe issue Primus and Alpha Trion summoned Omega Prime to help Optimus Primal against Unicron and the Cauldron.

Fun Publications Continuity

Fun Publications continued the story from 3H in the story arc Revelations (which was reprinted by IDW as Transformers: Cybertron: Balancing Act). The battle against Unicron continued and Omega Prime, the Autobots and Maximals battled the Chaos-Bringer's and his generals. When the Cauldron began dissipating, Omega Prime guided the Children of Primus through the vortex home.

When Omega went thru the Vortex he was swept up in an inter-dimensional matter interlink created by the Mini-Con named Over-Run. Omega was sent to a Cybertron threatened by a black hole created from Unicron's passing. Omega Prime arrived in time to stop Nemesis Prime from using the Dead Matrix to revive Unicron.

Omega Prime later joined Sentinel Maximus, Skyfall, and Downshift in fighting the Mini-Con Civil War. The Mini-Cons were occupying the asteroid colonies surrounding Cybertron. Eventually Unicron himself joined the battle. Omega Prime and Sentinel Maximus held off the Chaos-Bringer, until Primus emerged from the core of Cybertron, transforming his planetary form into a robot mode. Unicron fled where Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus joined Sentinel Maximus in pursuing him through space.

Powers & Weaknesses

Omega Prime, a unique individual who combines the best aspects of both Optimus and Magnus but adding a considerable amount of power.


  • Allegiance: Autobot
  • Sub Group: Combiner
  • Function: Warrior/Leader
  • Alt-Modes: Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus
  • Color Schemes: Red/White/Blue

In Other Media


Transformers Robots in Disguise (2001)

After the fight with Ultra Magnus, Optimus was attacked by Megatron and the Decepticons. Ultra Magnus shows up after having followed Sky-Byte. Magnus faked concern for his brother's heavy burden in carrying the Matrix of Leadership. Ultra Magnus offered Prime his hand, only to force the two of them to combine. Unfortunately for Magnus Optimus had as much control over their new body as he did. His plan to steal the power of the Matrix backfired and he had to cooperate with Optimus to defeat the Decepticons.

Omega Prime is an Autobot Combiner from the Robots in Disguise
Omega Prime is an Autobot Combiner from the Robots in Disguise

They continued to combine to increase their power and defeat Megatron and his Decepticons, and Omega Prime was able to defeat the Predacon leader in the Sahara Desert. When Scourge was able to activate Fortress Maximus, and Megatron was reborn as Galvatron. Omega Prime was unable to overcome them, and it came down to a human boy Koji Onishi to stop Fortress Maximus's rampage.

Omega Prime fought against Maximus again in the desert without leaving a scratch on Maximus, although Omega was more than capable of finishing off Galvatron and Sky-Byte. When Galvatron brought the Megastar to a battle, Omega Prime attacked it and was promptly "blown away like a tumbleweed on the prairie", as X-Brawn put it.

With the defeat of the Megastar, Optimus Prime attempted to confront Galvatron again. Galvatron used his Decepticons to unleashed hordes of cyber-bats that took control of the world's children. To prevent harming them Optimus Prime was forced to retreat. Optimus eventually persuaded Magnus to combine with him one last time. Omega Prime challenged Galvatron to a duel at the Earth's core. Using the power of the Earth's children, he created the Matrix Blade, and was able to defeat Galvatron.


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