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    Team » Omega Men appears in 163 issues.

    A group of freedom fighters from the Vega System who oppose the tyrannical rule of the Citadel.

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    The Omega Men hail from the Vegan system, a planetary system with twenty-five habitable planets, which as of the early 1980s had been ruled for millennia by the Citadelians, a race of warriors cloned from the First Citadelian the demigod-like son of X'Hal.

    The Citadelians established a tyrannical regime based in a fortress moon known as the Citadel. The citadel then set about to conquer the younger races of Vega. Originally there were only two races in the Vegan system, the primitive Branx and the warlike Okaarans, but the Psions used Okaaran DNA to create the other twenty-three races of Vega such as the Tamaraneans, Euphorixians, Aelloans, Karnans, and the Changralyns.

    The Omega Men were assembled as a group of renegades and representatives of conquered Vegan worlds to fight Citadelian aggression. Pre-Infinite Crisis the team was based on the planet Kuraq. The Omega Men are important peacekeepers in their sector because the Green Lantern Corps is not allowed into Vegan space, due to a long standing agreement between the Guardians of the Universe and Agent Orange.

    The Omega Men made a return appearance in the Adam Strange mini-series, Planet Heist. Still led by Tigorr, with veteran members Broot, Doc, Elu, Artin, and Harpis. They were joined by a group of new members whose names were given, but not identified in the book. They were still fighting the Spider Guild. One of their new members, a precog, leads them to wait in a Rannian space station with the ultimate purpose of meeting Adam Strange. The first Doc was killed by a Durlan assassin and impersonated.

    Omega Men miniseries

    It had been revealed that upon returning to the remains of Tamaran with Ryand'r, the Omegans are attacked by the Darkstar zombies of Lady Styx and all but five of them died.


    The Omega Men have been seen fleeing L.E.G.I.O.N. robots during a hostile takeover ousting Vril Dox. They assisted the R.E.B.E.L.S. in fighting Starro and freeing those that had been mind controlled.

    Current Member(s)

    • Tigorr
    • Broot
    • Elu
    • Ryand'r
    • Doc II

    Deceased Member(s)

    • Artin was destroyed by Lady Styx's Darkstars
    • Cecilia was killed by Lady Styx's Darkstars
    • Chantale was killed by Lady Styx's Darkstars
    • Dark Flea is destroyed by Lady Styx's Darkstars
    • Demonia betrayed the team and was later killed
    • Doc was killed by a Durlan assassin
    • Felicity was killed by Durlans during the Invasion, however she later appeared alive, though changed
    • Green Man was killed during Invasion
    • Harpis was killed by Lady Styx's Darkstars
    • Kalista was killed during the Invasion
    • Nimbus was merged with and imprisoned within the planet Kuraq by X'Hal
    • Oho-Besh died of unknown causes
    • Primus was shot down by guards during a prison break on Starlag during the events of Invasion
    • Rynoc died of unknown causes
    • Seer is killed by Lady Styx's Darkstars
    • Shlagen was killed during the Invasion
    • Uhlan died of unknown causes
    • Ynda was killed during the Invasion

    New 52 Omega Men




    Doc died when he detonated a bomb deep in the core of planet Vrool

    Broot died through exhaustion attempting to free a key similar to Arthur freeing Excalibur

    Scapps died during a laser fight with The Citadel

    Kyle Rayner


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