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    Team » Omega Gang appears in 51 issues.

    Formed and lead by Kid Omega, the Omega Gang was a group of Charles Xavier's students that questioned Xavier's philosophy and school policies. They are most known for leading a riot at the Mansion.

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    After finding out that he was adopted, Kid Omega underwent a shift in identity. He adopted some rather radical views on human/mutant relations which were in direct opposition to those held by his mentor Professor X. He adopted the death of mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation as his cause, and rallied his fellow students around him. After calling out Xavier in class on his pacifist world views, Quentin was joined by fellow students Glob Herman, Skybolt, Phaser, and Longstrike to form the Omega Gang. In order to give their powers a boost the members abused the mutant-enhancing drug Kick.

    The Omega Gang severely beat a gang of humans, killing some, then attacked a U-Men hideout, killing all the members. Finally the group ambushed Professor Xavier in his office the day before the School was planning a public open house. With Xavier incapacitated the gang incited a riot at the mansion. The riot was stopped by the X-Men as well as the Stepford Cuckoos. Because of his use of Kick, Quire's body died, with his consciousness in stasis in Beast's lab. The rest of the Gang would do time in a human jail before being released. Redneck, Radian, and Tattoo were all de-powered on M-Day and joined the New Warriors.

    Alternate Realities


    In this reality the Omega Gang are: Kid Omega, Glob Herman and Beak. Possibly others as well.


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