Omega Flight

    Team » Omega Flight appears in 77 issues.

    Omega Flight is a Canadian superhero team and follow up to Alpha Flight.

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    Original Omega Flight

    The original Omega Flight was gathered by Delphine Courtney after the government disbanded its superhero program. Delphine Courtney chose members that were in the lower tiers of the program, and those members included Diamond Lil, Flashback, Wild Child, Smart Alec and Box, which was first controlled by Roger Bochs, then controlled by Jerome Jaxon. Their mission was to kill the original members of Alpha Flight.

    Second Omega Flight

    The Master Of The World gathered a crew of villainous individuals to attack Alpha Flight. The members of this incarnation of Omega Flight also included Brain Drain, Bile, Miss Mass, Sinew, Tech-Noir and Strongarm.

    Third Omega Flight

    After the events of Civil War, some American superheroes were placed in Canada to deal with the various super-villains that migrated from America to seek freedom. The members of this version of Omega Flight included U.S.Agent, Arachne, Talisman, Sasquatch, Beta Ray Bill and the newest Guardian.

    Fourth Omega Flight

    Features Validator, Kingdom, Boxx and Wendigo.


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