Character » Omaka appears in 16 issues.

    Princess Omaka an Imperial Prime like her Father, she has sworn to protect every innocent that was harmed by the Fillian Invaders.

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    Princess Omaka was the rightful successor of her father, the Red King. When she was only a child her father left him, without a mother and a brother. She was took and was taken care of the loyal servants of his father, whom promised to protect the child even from death. She was taught how to defend and to fight. When she was venturing in the woods, one of his guards call her and reminds her about the  Son of Hulk, she ignores the warning and continues to help the slaves for freedom. When his guard takes the hand of the Fillian invaders, she cunningly killed them all. The slaves kneel but she shoves them, dodging them from the falling dragons. As she continues to walk she sees  Skaar, in need of help. She kills the men who was attacking, cutting their heads off. days later after events of their walk to prophet rock, Omaka tries to warn about the Axemans blind priest Hiro Amin. She commands her men to shoot the last rocket directly to Hiro Amin, but Hiro Amin just blocks it with his bear hands. Her ship crashes down while Old Sam sneaks. After Skaar kills Hiro Amin, they head forth to find the wildebots, until Axeman attacks again. Omaka rushes to the gates of Okini, but the missiles get blocked by barriers that were made to protect. Omaka sees the reincarnated Red King and attacks him, Red king tries to apologiez to her. Omaka was confused and left Okini, to ally themselves with Axeman. The two even tried to flee from Skaar, that can see everything, anywhere. After a while OMaka comes to a nearby temple where Axeman and his daughter was, she warns them about Skaar and Axemans life. At dawn Skaar and Omaka meets, and fights for the heck of it. After a while of battle, Omaka cannot believed what she witnessed the devouring of the planet Sakaar. Although she was a survivour she still was a shock but a Queen of her long life home.


    Due to being a Prime, she is ruthless, cunning and agile, she can kill as fast as a gun. Her Logic is very well trained, making him a real contender as Queen of Sakaar. Her strength is not balanced, but her speed makes it even. She can run a hundred miles without even sweating. She is very well trained athlete and a experienced swordsman, she doesnt heisitate if she kills, resulting as a pure blood prime. 


    • Height: 7'2''
    • Weight: Without armor: 185 Ibs, With armor: 285 Ibs
    • Eyes: Yellow
    • Hair: Red




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