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To rescue Buck Blue's girlfriend and shut down a brain transplant operation, OMAC and Buck go after the Crime Cabal.

Buck Blue leads OMAC to the Terminal. En route, they are attacked by the "Sickies", monstrous humans, genetically altered by radiation. OMAC repels the Sickies. Brother Eye contacts OMAC, to prepare him for a transmission to increase OMAC's powers. Brother Eye broadcasts the necessary power into OMAC to complete his task. Blue leads OMAC to an old subway station, known as "The Mugger's Stop". Two muggers bring a beautiful young woman down to the station, to await the "Gang Train". OMAC beats the muggers into unconsciousness. Global Peace Agents, following behind OMAC, take the girl to safety. The Gang Train arrives at the station. Blue is reluctant to continue, but OMAC forces Blue to board the train.

The train has been signaled to pick up three passengers...the two muggers and their victim. When only OMAC, and Blue, board the "Gang Train", automatic defenses flood the compartment with poison gas. OMAC tears the poison gas cylinder from it's housing, and throws it through the wall. Though the gas pours out the hole in the wall, OMAC still carries Blue to the lead car. OMAC is contacted from the Terminal. Suddenly, the train begins to explode, one car at a time, beginning from the rear. When the lead car doesn't explode, a veritable army of hit men swarm the platform. As the car goes past them, they fire upon it, with armor piercing rounds. A laser cannon is set up, directly in front of the lead car.

The cannon decimates what's left of the lead car, releasing what appears to be a meteor. The meteor crashes into the laser cannon, destroying it. Omac, & Blue, emerge from the "meteor", really a molecular cocoon, spun around them by Brother Eye. OMAC tears into the hit squads. At that moment, Tully Morgan, the aged leader of the crime cabal, is undergoing a procedure to transplant his brain, into a younger, more virile man. OMAC crashes into the operating theater, putting an end to the procedure before it can begin. Blue draws his weapon on OMAC. Global Peace Agents swarm the operating theater. Blue surrenders. OMAC reveals Blue's girlfriend, a prisoner, and potential candidate for brain transplantation. Uncertainty weights on Blue's mind, as he awaits his girlfriend's response. to his role in the human trafficking ring.







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