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Mr. Big rents Electric City and hires a bunch of assassins for use in trapping OMAC.

OMAC stands outside the city limits of Electric City. The entire city has been rented, for one night, by the astonishingly wealthy Mister Big. OMAC is not on MIster Big's guest list, and thus, is denied entry. OMAC fights his way through Mister Big's security forces. OMAC is picked up by two costumed characters, who drive him into Electric City. Though they seem harmless party guests, they soon prove to have a more sinister agenda, regarding OMAC. OMAC meets with his creator, Professor Myron Forest. OMAC has questions regarding his identity, and purpose. Forest waves OMAC's concerns away. Having followed OMAC to Forest, the two costumed characters assassinate Forest. OMAC grabs them, before they can flee.

A powerful electric charge, in their costumes, fells OMAC. The assassins flee, in a flying getaway car. OMAC demands to know why Brother Eye failed to give OMAC the power to resist the electric charge. Brother Eye informs OMAC that it was trying to use it's power to save Forest, but Brother Eye has failed. Forest is dead. After receiving upgrades from Brother Eye, OMAC goes after Mister Big. Brother Eye incinerates Forest, and all traces of his laboratory. The assassins report to Mister Big. OMAC purposely places himself in the public eye to attract Mister Big. Assassins make an attempt on OMAC, but are quickly defeated. Their attack draws more assassins to the fold. Soon enough, OMAC is overwhelmed, and seemingly slain.

The assassins deliver OMAC's corpse to MIster Big. Renting the city has been one big lure to draw OMAC, and Forest, out, so that they could be slain. MIster Big, though, feels certain that there's one last part of the equation that hasn't been dealt with, yet. As if on cue, the Mayor enters, flanked by Global Peace Agents. The assassins draw on the Mayor, as well as the Global Peace Agents. Brother Eye subdues the assassins. A Global Peace Agent reveals that OMAC's death has been a ruse. Through Brother Eye's connection to OMAC, MIster Big's criminal enterprises have been recorded, to be used as evidence to prosecute Mister Big. OMAC communes with Brother Eye, as he prepares for his next assignment.

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