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Featuring the first appearance of O.M.A.C.! A transmission from the orbiting Brother Eye turns factory worker Buddy Blank into Omac, the One Man Army Corps.

OMAC storms Section "D" of Pseudo-People, Inc. Despite heavy resistance from the workers, OMAC cannot be stopped. OMAC orders the evacuation of Section "D", as he has come to destroy it. The workers flee in a wild panic. OMAC pauses before a crate containing "Lila", a "Build-A-Friend" manufactured by Pseudo-People, Inc. Deeply remorseful, OMAC bids farewell to "Lila". OMAC, channeling the power of Brother Eye, sets off a chain of explosions, that destroy the facility.

The Global Peace Agency meets with Professor Myron Forest, the head of Project: OMAC. The Global Peace Agency has deemed Buddy Blank, an employee of Pseudo-People, Inc, to be the perfect candidate for Project: OMAC. Forest activates the satellite, Brother Eye, and gives it the data regarding Blank. Working at Pseudo-People, Inc, the hapless Blank is caught brawling with a fellow employee. Blank's supervisor, Mister Fox, sides against Blank, in resolving the conflict.

Blank is ordered to report to the "Psychology Section", of Pseudo-People, Inc, to vent his frustrations. Blank opts for the "Destruct Room", where employees can work out their anger issues, by destroying a myriad of objects. Blank finds, though, that he is more depressed than angry, and abandons the room. Encountering Lila in the outside corridor, Blank's mood immediately improves. Blank, and Lila, are observed by workers from Section "D", the top secret manufacturing wing of Pseudo-People, Inc.

After parting company with Blank, Lila is escorted to Section "D". Wanting to spend more time with Lila, Blank wanders down to Section "D". He is immediately stopped, and held at gunpoint. Blank is forced to watch a filmstrip, depicting the "Build-A Friend" Nancy. A client pays to send Nancy to visit a famous literary agent. Nancy explodes, killing the man. Blank is horrified to learn that Pseudo-People, Inc is in the Murder-For-Hire business.

To make matters worse, Blank is told that his only friend, in the whole world, Lila, is an automaton. Suddenly, Blank's body undergoes an astonishing metamorphosis, as Brother Eye begins broadcasting energy into Blank's cells. Blank is transformed into OMAC--the One Man Army Corps. Plant workers engage all facility defenses to repel OMAC. All fail to deter OMAC from his mission to destroy Pseudo-People, Inc. Brother Eye communes with OMAC. Brother Eye downloads new information into OMAC, as well as provide OMAC with his next target... MIster Big.







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