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Olivia was a tuff as nail toy marketer would would but heads with her the Merlin Toy rep who shared her turf, Hal Jordon. During one of there "meeting" Olivia exibited strange behavior. She started attacking bystanders and Hal quickly changed into the Green Lantern and discover unknown to Olivia she had the U-mind. He saved her but never told her what had happened.

Skills and Abilities

Olivia has the power of the "U-Mind" which is roughly a civilization which lives inside her mind. The race contained therein is known as the Lenglyns of Lengyl. The U-min allows her access to the Ergano power which may or may not be the same as the anti life equation sought for years by Darkseid.

She can sap beings of their free will thus making them her slaves, able and willing to serve her in anyway she wants.

She has also demonstrated the power of flight, telekinesis, telepathy and the ability to enter the astral plane.

Notes: Along with the daughter of Adam Strange, Aleea Strange she is the the only known being able to access this power.


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