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Brief History


Olivier Raven-LeBeau is the oldest child of Remy LeBeau & Anna Raven. His adoptive grandmother is Raven Darkholme making him the nephew of Nightcrawler. Olivier is described as having his father's charm and his mother's mutant abilities.

Oliver Raven
Oliver Raven

As a child he was trained to be a thief and also learned savate and how to use a bo-staff. He and siblings along with those of the Summers-Frost family were abducted by Sinister during the Dreamers and Demons story-arc. Oli was instrumental in devising a plan to help them escape and was always ready to put himself in harms way to protect everyone. After their escape he defended the Summer-Frost girls from machines in the Australian outback long enough for help to arrive. He filled his mom in on what had happened but this was the last he would see her. She died in the ensuing battle which led him and his father to grow distant.

During this time he and Megan confided in each other and over time they fell in love. Around this time he permanently absorbed the power of telepathy which he hated.

Life at Xavier's

While his father held the X-Men and Scott in particular responsible for the death of Rogue, he blamed his father and opted to remain at the Xavier Institute. This made him the "black" sheep of his family. At the school he was one of the more popular students thanks to his adventures with the X-Men and being the child of two X-Men. He would befriend Rico a fellow rebel and family outcast from the Fantastic four/Richards clan. Like his father however he would often get them into all kinds of trouble.

GeNext and Family Reunion


He would go on to found GeNext which consisted of outcast and second generation heroes children; Becka Munroe, No-Name, Pavel Rasputin, Rico and his love Megan Summers rounding out their group. Their first real adventure started when No-Name disappeared from the school and in tracking her down, they stole an antique blackbird, flew across the world and did battle with the villainous Shadow-X. After this they ended up in India helping Skanda and Sati battle Kalima. In order to save his friends, he absorbed Sati's power and teleported his friends away. When he was found he had been given a new life and memories and it was only when his sister Ray and father Remy found him did he regain his memories. After this he used his powers to aid his teammates in gaining their own memories back.

This lead the team into a final battle with Kalima which they won and he restored all except No-Name to their original form. They then returned to school intent on pretending No-Name was a new student. His father and sister also decided to return with him and their family was back together.

Powers and Abilities

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Oli is a mutant with the ability to drain living being's of their life essence upon making physical contact. This can give them a biophysical shock at times while his body synthesizes their physical skills, memories, personality traits, and superhuman matrices. He also has conscious control over this ability, and is therefore free to physically touch people without unwillingly absorbing their powers or minds. He can also retain powers indefinitely though he can't seem to control this, thus he has retained strong telepathic abilities, as well as the ability to fly at high speeds.

He also possesses his father's hypnotic-based powers, which allows to compel others to believe what he says and agree with anything he suggests. But due to his inexperience with this power, he rarely is seen using it.

Physical Appearance

In addition many fans have noted his remarkable resemblance to a teenage Cable and Nate Grey (X-Man) , thanks in part to the one glowing eye and the patch of white hair that appeared during puberty.


Megan and Oliver
Megan and Oliver
  • Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Eyes: blue (one eye glows when power is in use)
  • Hair: Brown with white streak
  • Citizenship: American
  • Place of Birth: Vale Soleda, California
  • Marital Status: Oliver was in a relationship with Megan Summers
  • Occupation: Adventurer and student

Known Relatives On His Mother's Side

Known Relatives On His Father's Side


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