Old Man Mozz

    Character » Old Man Mozz appears in 41 issues.

    The wise old man who is part of Pygmy Bandar tribe who possesses wealth of knowledge about the jungle and the Phantom's history.

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    The origin of this specific character is not specified by the creator and remains unknown.


    Old Man Mozz was created by Lee Falk.

    Character Evolution

    He is the wise old man in the Pygmy Bandar tribe who is said to be many years old. He is very much known for telling stories of The Phantom's ancestors. While his stories keep the young children entertained, they also sometimes serve as great advisory examples to the current Phantom of 21st century.

    It is said that his knowledge is to a level that he knows almost entirely the chronicles of The Phantom's ancestors. Many a times it is seen that the current Phantom, unable to find an answer in Skull Cave's chronicles, consults with the old man to understand how earlier Phantom would react or solve if presented with a similar trouble that he is facing now.

    Old Man Mozz is said to know the history of the jungle, the tribes that lived before, those that have come into existence now, tribal wars and much much more. He always has answers to the questions that The Phantom or any pygmy tribe mate may have and always presents an example from the past by telling it "as it is". He is often found quoting "The Phantom" as a very interesting personality passing the responsibilities from one generation to the other without fail.


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