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    Old Hob is a mutant alley cat and enemy of Master Splinter. He leads a human street gang. Old Hob is also the founder and leader of the Mutanimals gang.

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    Old Hob was a sewer cat that attempted to take Raphael out of the mutagen for dinner. Master Splinter attacked Old Hob and after loosing his eye, Old Hob retreated. Raphael was seemingly lost forever. Old Hob was transformed by the mutagen and could now stand on two legs. He also found he could speak and soon started a street gang with a grudge against the turtles.

    Feud With Splinter

    During one of their clashes Hob engages Splinter one on one and is swiftly defeated. He retreats vowing one day to gut Splinter.

    Old Hob's gang frequently attacks people forcing confrontation with Splinter and his ninja sons. The loss of Raphael is used as a taunt during battle, but Old Hob promises to find him. These taunts give Splinter hope that Raphael is still alive.

    Casey Jones and Raphael are out crime fighting and they run into Old Hob's gang. Hob quickly recognizes the Turtle but notices that Raphael has lost his memory. Driven by anger for losing his eye to Splinter, he orders the gang to attack anyway with intentions on beating Raphael's memory into place. The brawl begins and Hob jumps Raphael from behind with a pistol and begins to beat him. Before he can kill the Turtle his brothers appear to battle his gang. Enraged by a shuriken attack to his arm, Hob attacks Raphael again but this time the Turtle goes into a rage of his own and viciously pummels Hob.

    Hob is next seen with Baxter Stockman whom had been revealed to be his benefactor in capturing Splinter. Hob explains that he needs an army to battle against Splinter and his sons. Stockman unveils his killer robots called the "Mousers" and he allows Hob to use them by remote control. Hob locates the Turtles lair with the Mousers and finds Splinter there with only Leonardo and Donatello. Next a huge battle begins and Hob is able to kidnap Splinter amongst the confusion.

    Hob is next seen holding Splinter captive in one of Stockman's labs where he taunts and threatens Splinter the entire time. The Turtles find the lab in an attempt to rescue Splinter, instead they find Splinter is gone and Hob is unconscious. Stockman returns to the lab and finds Hob and begins to berate him with Hob replying he doesn't know what attacked him. Later in frustration, due to his multiple failures Hob is shot in the chest by Stockman and left for dead.

    Alliance With Splinter and the Turtles

    Hob is revealed to be alive as he finds Slash swimming out of the river after his defeat to the Turtles. Hob, now in possession of Splinter's blood sample, then asks Slash to join him on a new hunt.

    Leonardo is captured by the Foot Clan and the Turtles find a written message to them by Hob. The Turtles and Splinter find Hob and are shocked to see he's allied with Slash; but Hob insists that he no longer harbors a grudge against them instead he seeks an alliance. Hob knows that there's a war on its way and the mutants should stick together. He asks the Turtles to join him in exchange for helping them find Leonardo. The Turtles learn that Shredder has turned Leonardo and at that moment Hob seemingly double-crosses them. Instead, he quickly sends Slash to rescue them.

    Splinter seeks out Old Hob, and after a discussion Splinter agrees to break into Stockgen and steal some mutagen, in exchange for Hob's help to rescue Leonardo. After Splinter completes his task, Hob takes the mutagen and then blows up Stockgen.

    Shredder throws a meeting to gather up all the gangs and mob in the city under his control. Hob and the Turtles crash the place with explosive fire power and a battle begins. After rescuing Leonardo, Hob throws a hand grenade at Rocksteady and Bebop in order to make their escape. The two groups then go their separate ways as Hob plans for the future.

    Old Hob's Mutant Army

    Hob is next seen with Slash kidnapping a former scientist of Stockgen by the name of Lindsey Baker. Raphael and Michelangelo pay them a visit to learn that Hob has the person tied up and gagged and they question his motive. They learn that Hob needed the scientist to help him create mutants, with his first creation being Pigeon Pete. He reveals to them his intention on creating a mutant army, this way they can protect themselves from being used as slaves by the likes of Shredder and Baxter Stockman.

    Hob meets up with Splinter and the Turtles again, this time proudly revealing two more of his mutant creations, Herman the Hermit Crab and Mondo Gecko. This impresses even Splinter as he now realizes that Hob is serious. Needing more specimens for his work, Hob sends Pete to find more animals from a pet store. Instead, Pete decides to find real mutants and chooses to tell Rocksteady and Bebop about their mutant army. Not knowing these two are their enemies, Pete tells them about the Turtles joining them.

    Vs. Rocksteady and Bebop

    Rocksteady and Bebop follow Pete and they find the Turtles and Hob. Before a fight can begin, Hob tries to convince them to join his army pointing out that Shredder only looks at them as slaves, and together they can look after themselves forgetting the humans. Rocksteady reveals that they are half-human. Hob then responds by shooting Rocksteady in the face, and next shooting Bebop in the stomach which begins an all out battle with both sets against the two powerful half-mutants.

    Hob directs the battle as best he can until he's about to be killed by Rocksteady. Splinter rescues him and from there a plan is put together that results in electrocuting the two brutes. Even after this, Rocksteady and Bebop are not defeated, then Hob orders Herman to fire all his weapons which results in dropping a building on the two powerful monsters. Hob forgives Pete for the mistake and they all leave.

    Attack on Technodrome

    Old Hob prepares to lead the Mutanimals against the Foot Clan with the Turtles led by Splinter assisting him. The remaining Turtles decide it's best to join Donatello as he plans to face Krang and stop him from terraforming the planet. Old Hob is displeased over this but goes on to battle the Foot with only Splinter representing the Turtles.

    The Mutanimals blast their way into the Foot's stronghold which is being guarded by Karai, Hun, and a few ninjas. Splinter engages Karai in one on one battle; Hob takes this moment to gun down a couple of ninjas and then manages to steal Shredder's supply of mutagen. Without warning Splinter, he orders the Mutanimals to follow him leaving Splinter to face the Foot alone, due to the Turtles not honoring their part of the alliance while he lived up to his end of the bargain the entire time.


    Old Hob returns attacking a police unit together with Herman the Hermit Crab, in an attempt to rescue Hun whom was trying to leave a battle he was losing against Casey Jones, Angel, Alopex, and several civilians. Old Hob is willing to put aside their differences for his own plans. Hun decides to leave with him and the group takes off.

    Powers and Abilities

    Old Hob appears to be more of a street fighter but really isn't highly skilled. He's usually defeated by those either stronger than him or more skilled. Hob is normally seen with pistols and other artillery; but Hob's real strength is his mind. He's very intelligent and charismatic. Hob is capable of easily forming gangs and getting people as well as mutants to follow him. He's determined in everything he does even earning approval from his one time enemy Splinter. He also seems to be a mutant of his word.


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