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    Scandinavian member of the Blackhawks in World War II. Originally named Olaf Bjornson and was of Swedish (sometimes Norwegian) nationality. Was later changed to Olaf Friedriksen of Danish nationality in Howard Chaykin's 80's reboot.

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    Olaf Björnson

    Olaf Bjornson was a Swedish member of the Blackhawks. He had previously worked as a circus acrobat but when witnessing Europe at war decided to leave and join the Blackhawks, as Sweden itself was neutral during the war.

    He eventually served as the explosives expert and rocket engineer for the Blackhawks.

    During the brief period when the Blackhawks took on super-hero identities Olaf became "The Leaper" thanks to a special rubber suit.

    It is said he became a ski instructor after the war.

    Chaykin Reboot: Olaf Friedriksen

    Extremely adept with languages, speaking 19 (four of which fluently) Olaf was recruited straight out of college in Copenhagen for the Danish Diplomatic Corps.

    Olaf Friedricksen
    Olaf Friedricksen

    In his new position Olaf had much more contact with the news on efforts against the spread of Nazism and yearned to contribute to the fight against German oppression however he could.

    Becoming a translator for the Danish Embassy in London, Olaf resigned and instead joined the British Royal Air Force.

    Olaf quickly became an expert pilot, a longtime dream of his and because of his skill with language was able to help with radio operations.

    Carlo Sirianni recruited Olaf and he joined the Blackhawks in 1941. His college-days athleticism had luckily enough prepared him for the rough lifestyle.

    Going undercover during the Vietnam War, Olaf Friedriksen has been missing since.


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