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    Ol-Vir is from the planet of Daxam. He was a member of the Legion of Super-Villains.

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    Ol-Vir was a young man living on the Planet Daxam when Darkseid made his return. Like the rest of his people, he was mind-controlled and turned into an evil soldier for Darkseid, yet unlike his fellow Daxamites, he enjoyed it. Ol-Vir decided afterwards that he would continue the life of a Super Menace. He even went so far as to worship Darkseid, continually making overtures to the dark lord, despite the dark god's defeat. He had an encounter with Chameleon Boy on Takron Galtos during which he almost killed the Legionnaire. But instead he was defeated and imprisoned. He was later freed by Zymyr to serve alongside the Legion of Super-Villains, but managed to displease Darkseid and was apparently destroyed by him.

    It was later discovered that Darkseid had not destroyed Ol-Vir, he had instead simply transported him back to his prison. There Ol-Vir would wait out the intervening years, waiting alongside other villains for the prophesied return of Superboy-Prime. When he did finally arrive, he freed Ol-Vir and his Legion, and set them against the Legion of Super-Heroes. Ol-Vir was present when they went to gain Mordru's assistance, and witnessed the death of the last of the Green Lanterns, Rond Vidar.

    The Legion of Super Villains next traveled to Earth where they challenged the Legion of Super-Heroes itself. Working with Earth-Man and his Justice League of Earth, Ol-Vir attacked Colossal Boy and his wife, Chameleon Girl, slamming Colossal Boy into the Legions founders as they faced off against the Justice League.

    As he argued with Earth-Man about his prejudice, Golden Boy arrived, warning of the Legion's reinforcements. As Ferro, took him down, Ol-Vir launched himself at the Legionnaire. Yet Ol-Vir was surprised as Element Lad changed Ferro's body to lead, the weakness of every Daxamite, and was able to easily knock him out, taking him out of the fight.


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