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First spin-off Holiday Special from the 1980s anarchic UK kids comic, Oink!

Photo/Art cover: Ian Jackson (Uncle Pigg)

  • UnclePigg/Mary Lighthouse (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Pete and his Pimple (Lew Stringer)
  • Greedy Gorb (Davy Francis)
  • Crimson Steam (Mark Rodgers - Chas Sinclair)
  • Tom's Toe (Tony Husband - John Geering)
  • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth! (Marc Riley)
  • Herbert Bowes - he's got a dog up his nose! (Graham Exton - Banx)
  • Rubbish Man (David Haldane)
  • Harry the Head - at the Funfair (Marc Riley)
  • Oink's Piggin' Crazy Readers! (photo article)
  • Horace (Ugle Face) Watkins - Holiday Tale of Mystery and Imagination! (Tony Husband)
  • Tom Thug's Puzzles for Thickos! (Lew Stringer)
  • Mister Big Nose (Banx)
  • Billy's Brain (David Haldane)
  • Herbert Bowes - he's got his cousin up his nose! (Graham Exton - Banx)
  • Zoo Town (David Haldane)
  • Painting made easy with Bony Hart (Howard Osborn - Davy Francis)
  • Frank Sidebottom - Space is Ace (Chris Sievey)
  • Uncanny Tales (David Haldane - Pete Nixon)
  • Psycho Gran - Granbo (David Leach)
  • The Sekret Diary ov Hadrian Vile - aged 7 and 5/8 (years) (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Weedy Willy - Firm (Mark Rodgers - Mike Green)
  • Sgt. Barnpot and his Screaming Maniacs (parody of Sgt. Fury) (Lew Stringer)
  • GBH 18-30 photo advert
  • The origin of Tom Thug's bent nose! (Lew Stringer)
  • Zoo Town (David Haldane)
  • Hugo the Hungry Hippo (David Haldane)
  • Fatty Herbert - he likes his sherbert (Lew Stringer)
  • Frank Sidebottom - Space is Ace centrespread boardgame (Chris Sievey)
  • Pete's Pup (Jim Needle)
  • Burp (Banx)
  • Carols Fantastic Year (Les 'Lezz' Barton)
  • The Game is Greed (Mark Rodgers - Kevin O'Neill)
  • Long John Pilferer (Steve Gibson)
  • Famous People in their Underpants (David Haldane)
  • Denis the Dung Beetle (Tony Husband)
  • A Seaside Incident (Tony Husband)
  • Capt Clueless (Tony Husband)
  • Hugo the Hungry Hippo (David Haldane)
  • UnclePigg/Mary Lighthouse (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


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none of this issue.

Story Arcs

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