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Anarchic 80s UK kids comic. Although the theme is not explicitly stated, most of the strips and features in this issue involve bikes in some way (of either the pedal or motor variety)

Wraparound cover: Malcolm Douglas (aka J.T.Dogg) (The Streethogs)

  • Ena Blighty - Nobby gets a new set of wheels (Noddy parody) (art: Clive Collins)
  • Mary Lighthouse (art: Ian Jackson)
  • Zoo Town (David Haldane)
  • Hugo the Hungry Hippo (David Haldane)
  • The Incredible Hedgehogboy (art: Ian Knox)
  • Horace (Ugly Face) Watkins - Horace and Mandy (part 1) (Tony Husband)
  • The Sekret Diary ov Hadrian Vile - aged 7 and 5/8 (years) (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Burp (Banx)
  • Cowpat County (Mark Rodgers - Davy Francis)
  • Golden Trough Awards (art: Ian Jackson)
  • Snatcher Sam - On Yer Bike! (photo story starring Marc Riley as Snatcher Sam)
  • An Idiot's Guide to Getting Oink! (Tony Husband)
  • Harry the Head - Bike Crazy! (Marc Riley)
  • The Streethogs - The Final Chapter (Mark Rodgers - Malcolm Douglas 'J.T.Dogg')
  • Billy's Brain (David Haldane)
  • Tom Thug (Lew Stringer)
  • Weedy Willy - Dentist (Mark Rodgers - Mike Green)
  • Ian Nasal Cavity visits his grand parents (Banx)
  • Maggie Pie - collector of weird things (Tony Husband - Clive Collins)
  • Rubbish Man (David Haldane)
  • Uncle Pigg's Road Hogg! (cut-out motorbike)
  • Mister Big Nose (Banx)
  • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Marc Riley)
  • War of the Worms (Ian Jackson)
  • Roger Rental - he's completely mental (Mark Rodgers - Ian Knox)
  • Scruff of the Track (parody of Tough of the Track) (Mark Rodgers - Andy Roper)
  • Behind the Scenes with Uncle Pigg! (Mark Rodgers - Ed McHenry)

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