Character » Ohm appears in 6 issues.

    He stole an experimental suit of armor from S.T.A.R. Labs and threatened to destroy Los Angeles. He is Kyle Rayner's very first foe.

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    Ohm is a small time cook who stole a experimental suit from S.T.A.R. Labs and tried to destroy Los Angeles. He was stopped by Kyle Rayner.


    Ohm was created by Ron Marz as the first super villian to fight Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern

    Major Story Arc

    A New Dawn

    Kyle Rayner has been the Green Lantern for about 24 hours when Ohm started terrorizing Rodeo Drive in LA. He has been siphoning the city's power to make himself more powerful. Things seem to be going Ohm way, the police are staying back and no superheros are stepping in. Then Kyle shows up in his Green Lantern costume. Because Kyle is new to being a Green Lantern, Ohm is able to get the upper hand quickly. It isn't until Kyle stops playing defensibly and goes on the offense that Ohm is knocked down. Kyle then uses his ring to cut the man out of suit. Once the man is out of the suit, Kyle makes a joke about Ohm being Prince Albert and then knock him out with a bare handed upper cut.


    The man piloting the super suit does not appear to have any super powers but all his powers come from the suit

    STAR LABS Experimental electrical super suit- Electrical absorption and conversion. Yellow energy type blasts. Super human strength.


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