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    Volume » Published by Dark Horse Comics. Started in 1994.

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    The monthly US comic book formatted left-to-right manga from Dark Horse comics. Printed between 1994 & 2004, each month was a 'chapter' of the original manga stories.

    Early chapters were omitted in the original print run, as it was felt that Western audiences wouldn't understand cultural situations and references. However, as this omission caused years of complaints from fans, the 'missing chapters' were later included in Dark Horse's manga anthology title, Super Manga Blast!. They were subsequently included (in the correct reading order) in the newer trade paperback reprints of the Oh My Goddess series.

    Although the monthly comic book format of the series was cancelled ending in 2004, the series was still ongoing in Japan. As such, Dark Horse have continued to publish the stories in the collected trade paperback/tankoban format instead.


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